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Workforce Preparation Skills

Preparing to Enter the World of Work

Course Overview:

What you will learn in this Course:

Starting with a Goal :- Why you must start with a goal

Goal setting steps:

  • Paint a Mental Picture
  • Picture Yourself Already There
  • Think Positive
  • Write Your Goal
  • Review Your Progress

What a New Worker Needs to Know:-  Do you have the attitude and skills employers are looking for?

  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Learner’s Attitude
  • Attitude and Behaviour
  • Working with Others
  • Understanding Employers’ Expectation

Your Attitude:- 

  • Positive Attitude
  • Definition of Positive Attitude
  • Self – Awareness Test
  • Exercise
  • Tips for Improving Positive Attitude and Behaviour

Professional Behaviour Under Pressure:-

  • Professional Behaviour Under Pressure – Scenario

Positive Self-Talk:-

Developing a Good Work Ethics:-

  • Work Ethics Exercises
  • Values and Workplace Ethics
  • Five Foundations for Character
  • Do’s and Don’ts for Building Character in the Workplace
  • Values and Workplace Ethics Exercise
  • Discussion Questions
  • Self Motivation
  • Taking Initiative – Exercise
  • Discussion Questions
  • Positive Ways to Go Above and Beyond

Dress for Success:-

  • Basic Guidelines
  • Tips for women
  • Tips for men
  • Dressing on a Tight Budget

Preparing for the Interview:-

  • Tips for Preparing for the Interview
  • Tips to demonstrate your Communication Skills during an interview
  • Conducting A Mock Interview
  • Interviews Do’s and Don’ts
  • Resume Writing
  • Job Readiness Checklist
  • Getting Ready to Start A New Job

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